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"The International Student Film Festival Hollywood has been a very important part of the growth of our B-TV program. Participating in this festival has elevated the level of our students' work, and has caused our students to re-think what their limitations are in terms of video production. The possibility of having their work shown in Hollywood has caused our students to work harder, to pay closer attention to detail, and to start concentrating on writing original student screenplays. Several of our students are now looking at Video Production as a college major and career. Our students have been inspired and motivated by this contest. With ten selected films and three winners in three years, the students are now constantly trying to improve over the previous year. I am grateful to Robin and the staff for providing this opportunity for high school and middle school kids!"

Jeff Rudkin
Video Production Teacher
Batchelor Middle School
Bloomington, Indiana

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Q. What are the age and school requirements for entrants?
A. The ISFFH is open to all the student filmmakers of any age or academic background. Students have to provide proof of student ID or current registration.

Q. Can ISFFH waive my submission fee?

A. We recognize the financial difficulties that student filmmakers face, but at this moment operating as a non-profit film festival and this is our first annual festival, the submission fees are necessary for festival costs. But we are seriously considering in the future to find ways to waive the submission fee.

Q. I didn't shoot my work on film. Can I still enter?

A. Yes, you can enter the festival. We do accept video format of student's work.

Q. My film will not be ready by the deadline, so can I send a rough cut now and supply you with a new version later?

A. You have to inform us about your schedule to answer this, at any rate, due to the judging process, ISFFH recommends you do everything you can to get it in on time.

Q. My film is not in the English language. Will ISFFH accept it?

A. Yes! ISFFH will accept it as long as subtitled in English or dubbed in English.

Q. What makes ISFFH different than the other festivals?

A. The answer to this question is in our mission and vision statement. The International Student Film Festival Hollywood will offer a forum for student filmmakers around the world to showcase their films in Hollywood. An event at the center of the film industry’s home will bring worldwide attention to student filmmaking talent and artistic vision.

Q. Can multiple entries be submitted on one DVD?

A. We recommend that you send your work separately. Each of your works should be represented on its own.

Q. If I send a press kit with my entry, what should be included?

A. We may need more information and photos at the semi-finalist stage. But for the preliminary stage, you can send the filmmakers bio, information on the production, logline and synopsis.

Q. How many films can I submit?

A. As many as you want. But you must send separate submission forms and entry fees of $35 for each submission.

Q. If my film is selected, what format do I need to have to screen my film?

A. If your film is selected for screening, expected format is DVD.

Q. Who will be the judges?

A. The judges will be from different categories including the fields of animation, documentary, live action and music video. Also there will be directors, writers, editors and filmmakers.

Q. How can I get tickets to the screenings?

A. More information will be posted about tickets in near future.

Q. Can I charge the entry fee?

A. Yes! We do accept Visa or MasterCard and personal check from USA residents. We don’t accept personal checks from International Student filmmakers. In the event of any declined transaction, a $15 additional fee will be charged.

Q. I am in the industry and I would like to offer my services as a judge or sponsor. How can I contact International Student Film Festival Hollywood?

A. We need your assistance definitely, and if you have any referrals we will accept their assistance as well. Please contact Robin Saban at

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